Due to Telecommunation day 2014, Plattnera would like to

present shortest movie "Signal from sky VR009"

for celecration our majesty king.




  • Platt Nera Co., Ltd. is a system integrator (SI) and outsource solutions provider, providing for the financial and banking project, Satellite Ground Stations, Scientific Information Software, High-performance computing system, VDO conference system, End to End Solution and including comprehensive after-sales services.
    We specialize in managed and dedicated team for small and large outsourced projects. Combined with a highly trained and experienced staff our company exists to make a deliverable outsourced service demands.

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  • Platt Nera collaborates with Mutiara Smart of Malaysia to push forward an implementation project of a telecommunication system in the neighbor country for the first time with a target to install 300 telecom towers with the investment value of more than 700 millions Baht including an expansion plan to 2,000 towers within 2 years. This responses to the telecommunication market in ASEAN that is ever expanding and lays foundation for moving into the satellite business showing the telecommunication potential of a Thai company.
    Mr. Prapan Asvaplungprohm, the CEO of Platt Nera Co, Ltd. disclosed that based on the company’s success in the outsourcing business operation and System Integration (SI) operation backed up by the company’s expertise in implementation services for financial solution, information technology, telecommunication, the company has received recognition from both governmental and private organizations for more than 10 years. The past results include concession contracts to operate end-to-end ATM Outsourcing for Bank for Agriculture and Agriculture Co-operatives (BAAC), contracts to provide the Radar HF network and the Satellite Groundstation for Geo‑Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), etc.
    Lately, the company has signed contract with Mutiara Smart SDN BHD (from Malaysia) to implement the telecom tower system, which is an important infrastructure, for Malaysia. The project with investment value of 700 million Baht encompasses installation of 300 telecom towers which is part of the master plan to in stall 2,000 towers within 2-year period. This is Platt Nera’s first major win in a foreign market.
    “Winning the bid for implementation of telecommunication tower network from the Malaysia’s state enterprise shows Platt Nera’s capability as a Thai company that is trusted by malaysian organization. For this, the company will be the investor for the installation of the telecom towers while Mutiara Smart will be the lessee in order to sublease to customers that are telecommunication operators in the country. We wish that this collaboration is a good opportunity to gain recognition for Thailand its telecommunication potential in international market.”
    For the installation of telecom towers in this phase, Platt Nera will make an investment to install the telecom tower by the total number of 600 towers dividing the operation into 2 phases, 300 towers per each phase, to support the telecommunication market in ASEAN that is constantly expanding. This contract signing marks the auspicious start to building success at the national level for both companies. Each of us is confident that this project will establish our credentials and open more opportunities for future collaborations.
    “In addition, we are under a joint study for the possible collaboration between Platt Nera and Mutiara Smart in a telecommunication satellite project which aims for South East Asia coverage including Thailand. The opportunity to operate international project reflects our potential, experiences, expertise and professionalism at the international level. It is expected that this will result in a leap in company’s growth. We are also under preparation to list in the stock exchange. At present, there are a number of local and foreign investors express interest in Platt Nera including investors from Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore” Mr. Prapan mentioned.
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